Monday, May 4, 2009

A bridal shower fit for a foodie

As some might know, Dan and I are getting married on May 21 in Las Vegas. A couple of weekends ago I attended a bridal shower fit for a foodie held in my honor. The shower included great food and games that kept with its kitchen theme. One game called "Guess the Spice/Guess the white stuff game," required guests to guess a spice by simply smelling, while "Guess the white stuff" portion had guests guessing what baking products were in a ziploc bag by just looking at it. Both were much harder than I anticipated.

Guests also participated in a wedding cake decorating competition which required them to build a wedding cake using different sized marshmallows, glitter glue, ribbon and toothpicks. At the end of their alotted time, participants must move their cake, ala Food Network Challenge, to prove its stability. Below is the winning cake, chosen by the bride-to-be herself.

I've gotta to admit the cake game is one of my favorite shower games and was discovered last summer during the planning of my sister's bridal shower. While the marshmallow cakes were all great, they definitely couldn't live up to the shower cake made by my mom. A big thanks to my Dad, who allowed his flashing Las Vegas sign to be used as the cake topper!

And finally we got some great cooking related gifts, including fabulous pots & pans, cooling racks and various tools just to name a few, but one of our favorites was the fresh loaf of bread given to us by Dan's mom. It looked so good that we actually ate some of it with our dinner that night!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! It's coming up!!! And your mom did a GREAT job with the cake!