Tuesday, July 22, 2008


While some may think ice cream is the perfect summer dessert, my favorite dessert is meringues with vanilla frozen yogurt, raspberries and whipped cream. For at least a month I have been craving this dessert, and last weekend I took advantage of my first free weekend since April to catch up on my cooking (which also included making pineapple sorbet, look for that post soon). Unfortunately, the humidity wasn't exactly cooperating, but I forged on anyways.

I started off by lovingly separating my eggs...

...and then I began whipping them into shape.

Everything was looking good so I added my sugar until it was completely dissolved.

And then used the good 'ol Alton Brown trick of using a ziploc bag to pipe out my meringues into nice little shells onto a pan lined with parchment.

I then stuck them in the at 225 degrees and then let them dry out in there for another three hours after turning off the heat only to find the bottoms to be a bit sticky. I'm sure thanks to the humidity since I've made the recipe before with no problem.

I stuck them in the oven to try to crisp them up, and luckily it worked without them taking on too much color.

The end result:

Here's the meringue recipe I used, for those who might like to attempt it themselves.

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