Monday, May 9, 2011

Farmers Markets Opening Weekend

It's May. To Wisconsin food lovers, that means one thing: Farmers market season. And the first weekend in the month is when the season kicks off.

So Melissa and I set forth Saturday with one mission: Find some farmers market goodness. And we did.

First we visited the Waukesha Farmers Market, held in the old transit center. The market has 24 new stalls this year, including a row where buses used to park.

There, we found some Arthur Bay Cheese Co. products. Melissa loves their squeaky fresh cheese curds while I love their perfectly salted mozzarella whips. We also managed to finagle an awesome chocolate chip muffin, but I neglected to take down the vendor information.

Nom! Arthur Bay cheese curds

Our next stop? The Brookfield Farmers Market, held in the same block as the library and Brookfield Central. We gorged on chicken, pork, and bean and jalapeno tamales from Lopez Bakery. We bought lovely eggs from Farmhouse Bakery. (And we'll have to get our Crystal Ball Farms milk from Outpost or Good Harvest.)

Fresh-baked goodies from Farmhouse Bakery

So what was your weekend farmers market bounty?

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