Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Puppy Update -- And Facebook Food Posts

Peek-a-boo! We're back to blogging.

We're back after an impromptu time off, and what better time than now to share some recent family photos. And by family, I mean puppies.

Dezzy and Ollie are now both technically out of the puppy phase, although it doesn't always seem like that. But they both love to play. (And, thankfully, they're both photogenic. The main photo above? That's Ollie, too.)

Ollie and his favorite toy.
Dezzy and his favorite toy.

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If you haven't made it over to Facebook and liked our page (you can do so by clicking above and signing into Facebook), you should join us soon.

We've been sharing a bunch of photos and recipes that we've made. The content we share there will not always be shared here, especially in instances in which we don't tweak a recipe much or have slightly modified something we written about.

In addition, on Fridays we share a few things we've liked or found recently on Pinterest. Maybe you'll find the content on that site as amazing and inspiring as we do.

Other notes

  • We've had a few initial talks about plans for our garden this year. We're toying with the idea of growing beans.
  • We're also trying to figure out what we want to can in the summer and fall, and what we want will have an impact on what we decide to grow in our garden.

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