Thursday, November 15, 2012

Red Elephant Chocolate

Milwaukee's Third Ward will be home to a new chocolate experience now that Red Elephant Chocolate is set to open.

Melissa and I were lucky enough to have received a box of chocolates (stay out of this, Forrest Gump!) and an invitation to attend a preview night. The store opens Nov. 20, just a few days from now, and it will certainly be a place we stop by again.

Red Elephant Chocolate. Excited to check out the new Milwaukee store.
Cashew cluster (top row, from left), sea salt caramel, Red Elephant coffee beans, (middle row) tumbled almonds, Red Elephant ganache footprint, bittersweet orange truffle, (bottom row) chocolate coconut macaroon, elephants on parade.

The samples in the box of chocolates were amazing, with the sea salt caramel, bittersweet orange truffle, Red Elephant ganache footprint and cashew cluster our favorites. Even the chocolate coconut macaroon was good, and I am no fan of coconut.

The many stages of chocolate display at Red Elephant Chocolate.
The many stages of chocolate display at Red Elephant Chocolate.

At preview night, we were able to walk through the store -- there are display cases and a few tables with seating -- and see a display of the process of chocolate and cocoa (above) as well as full display cases of Red Elephant products (below).

Display case at Red Elephant Chocolate in Milwaukee's Third Ward.

If you're heading over there, here are a few recommendations:

  • Cake bites: The dark chocolate one is pictured below, and it was moist with a rich chocolate flavor. But Melissa and I both loved the red velvet cake bite. It was the highlight of our evening.
  • Chocolate coffee: This coffee topped with chocolate was so comforting and warming that I wanted it to be the middle of winter just so I would need a second cup.
  • Hot chocolate: Topped with chocolate shavings, this drink will perk you up in the cold to come.
Dark chocolate cake bite. Photo courtesy of Red Elephant Chocolate

And if you're still curious about Red Elephant, you can read more in this story by Lori of Burp! Where Food Happens and

Disclaimer: We were not financially compensated to post about Red Elephant. The only compensations we received were the box of chocolates and the invite to the preview night.

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