Thursday, August 13, 2009

Chicken Piccata Sandwich

We had a bunch of leftover chicken from the Chicken Piccata we made yesterday, so I decided to make the All-American Lunch: a sandwich.

So I re-heated one of the pieces in the oven and prepared some mayo. I took some mayo and added some of the lemon-wine sauce that we used to top on the chicken pieces and then added some chili pepper, too. Tasting it, it was sweet with a hint of spice.

It was a delicious sandwich that combined the flavors of the lemon-chili pepper mayo, tomato, chicken well. And the crisp bun added to the crunch. The mayo tasted well, but I didn't get as much of the chili pepper heat as I was hoping. Next time, just a pinch more, I think.

But it was a very nice, and quick, lunch.

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