Thursday, February 25, 2010

Raspberry Chiffon Pie

Dan and I had been dreaming of this pie ever since we saw it prepared on Cook's Country last spring. So when I saw it on the front of Cooks Illustrated's Summer Entertaining magazine, I had to buy it so we could try it at home. Well, it took awhile for us to try it with the move and holidays, but we finally got around to it and let me tell you it was worth it. It was everything you could ever dream of when it comes to a raspberry pie.

The crust was a very easy press in a pan crust, which was good after I had some problems with the classic pie crust of the Lemon Meringue Pie.

Then after that was baked I moved onto the bottom raspberry filling that was similar to a jam.

Once completed I added a cup of fresh raspberries and then let it cool while I made the next layer.

Once the chifon layer was chilled and set, I topped the pie with fresh whipped cream.

Then we dug in. Yum!


Milwaukee Brunch Reviews said...

Oh wow... that looks so good!

Lo said...

This really does look pretty fantastic. I haven't had a "chiffon" dessert in years and years, but it reminds me of things my grandmother used to make!

Anonymous said...
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Otehlia said...

That looks divine!!I never bake pies...but keep thinking I should start.