Friday, April 8, 2011

Our Garden, Year 2

It's April now, so our garden plans are in full swing. We've already staked out the garden and put up some  fencing to keep the puppies out.

(Toward the end of last summer, Dezzy would constantly go in the garden, and it was tough to get him out. Also, it was difficult to mow around the garden since the tomato and cucumber plants grew outside of it.)

We plan to extend the garden two feet out on three sides. As far as our plans for what we're growing, they will be similar to what we grew last year. We want to grow our herbs and lettuce this year in containers, instead of in the garden. In addition, lettuce likely will be the only plant we'll start from seed.

What are your garden plans for this year? (And we'll leave you with a picture of our puppies, Ollie and Dezzy.)

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