Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mini Jalapeno Corn Dog Muffins

Operation: Freezer Meals is in full effect. 

We have a lot of meat, vegetables and other food in our chest freezer, and we thought this week was the perfect time to start eating mainly meals with ingredients in our freezer.

One of those ingredients is beef franks. Melissa thought to combine them with some pickled jalapenos and a corn muffin recipe from America's Test Kitchen, and we had Mini Jalapeno Corn Dogs Muffins. We cut each frank into 5 pieces, and we ended up using 8 or 9 franks, making about 4 dozen of the muffins.

And we threw a bit of Wisconsin-made chili lime cheddar cheese that we bought from Brennan's Market.

They had a bit of spice, but it was much less pronounced than the Mexican Meatloaf Minis we had recently. This is probably the best level of heat for the average pallet. 

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