Thursday, April 26, 2012

Strawberry, Mint and Honey Grilled Cheese

April is almost over, and with it, National Grilled Cheese Month. We've celebrated at home with some during the month, all of which had been simple: Bread + cheese.

No longer.

Melissa's idea for one came to life this weekend after being inspired by a trip to Brennan's Market, where we bought some Wisconsin-made farmers cheese with mint. (You can include mint separately on the sandwich if you can't find this cheese.)

The result was a filling sandwich that walked the tightrope between entree and desert. Our bread, a whole grain loaf, kept it on the savory side.

The creamy combination of the cream cheese and farmers cheese hit sweet notes with the inclusion of the strawberries and slight drizzle of honey. And the mint helped cut through the warm sweetness of the strawberries.

Strawberry, Mint and Honey Grilled Cheese
reduced-fat cream cheese
farmers cheese

1. Spread layer of cream cheese on slices of bread. Spread sliced strawberries on top, followed by a small drizzle of honey, a thick slice of farmers cheese and a few sprigs of mint.

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