Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pepperjack and Bacon Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Today marks the last day of April, which just happens to be National Grilled Cheese Month (yes, there's a month for everything).

When I read about April and that special month, I just knew Melissa and I had to come up with a delicious, easy recipe for a grilled cheese sandwich.

So when I thought about it, I realized that we should be simple and combine two of my favorite ingredients: pepperjack cheese and bacon. So we did.

We used real bacon, taken from a real pig, and that really made all the difference. We needed just two pieces per sandwich, and the crunch the bacon provided contrasted deliciously with the creamy, spicy pepperjack.

Nutrition Information
(Hat tip to Cheap Healthy Good for the basis of this, which we will put on posts with our own recipes. Also, to figure out nutritional content of an ingredient, use CalorieKing or Nutrition Data, both excellent sites.)
Serving size: one sandwich
Ingredients: bread, butter, bacon, pepperjack cheese
Calories: 382
Fat: 21g
Fiber: 1g
Price: 82 cents (but does not include bacon, which we got for free)

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Lo said...

Had a fantastic variation of this sandwich at a local eatery recently -- brown sugared bacon with pepper jack cheese, tomato, and crisp lettuce. Honestly, I've never had such a good sammich in my life.