Monday, July 20, 2009

Corny Sloppy Joes

When we were putting together our meal calendar for this week, Melissa suggested to check the freezer to see if we had any frozen ground sirloin. We did, so Sloppy Joes time it was.

Brown the sirloin and add your desired a can of tomato soup, a cup of salsa and -- for an extra special helping of Sloppy Joes -- some corn.

Since we live in Wisconsin, we had to add a piece of cheese, which had just a hint of creaminess. And the corn was a nice and easy way to add some vegetables to an otherwise protein-heavy dish.

(BTW, these pictures were taken with our new digital camera, a Canon PowerShoot A1000IS.)

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Lo said...

Corn is a great addition to sloppy joes. Interesting way to make it -- with soup/salsa...