Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sweet Corn Soup with Chive Butter

We have been to Vegas many times, and one of our favorite restaurants in that burgeoning dining town is Rosemary's.

We dined there for lunch in May when we were in Vegas to get married. And we had a great dish we had there before: Corn Soup. (In fact, as of this writing, they still have it on their menu. We haven't eaten any of the recipes they offer, but they're still intriguing enough to try sometime.)

It's a really rich soup with a chive compote butter and it was an amazing beginning to our meal there. So in trying to replicate the Rosemary's recipe, we based ours off of one we found on from Coastal Living.

So I went about by taking about a dozen ears of corn (we tripled the recipe) and started to shuck the husks.

Now comes the hard part: You need to cut the corn off the cob. It's easiest to stand the cob up; be slow during this so as not to cut your hand or fingers.

Now it's time to start cooking. In a big stock pot, let the white onion cook in butter. After it gets tender, add the corn and some sugar and then cook for a while.

Then stir in the vegetable broth and let it simmer for about 30 minutes (it takes longer tripling the recipe). While that is simmer, it's a perfect time to make a great accompaniment to the soup: Chive Butter.

After the butter is done, simply wrap it in some plastic wrap and let it chill in the fridge for a few minutes while the rest of the dinner is prepared. It will look like this:

After the soup has simmered, add the half-and-half (we used it instead of heavy whipping cream to lighten the dish up a bit). Let it simmer.

Then transfer the soup to a blender, blend, and then put the soup through a strainer into another stock pot or similarly large pot. Discard the solids. Season with salt and white pepper (the pepper to ensure there are no specks to disrupt the consistency and appearance).

Then cut off a slice of the Chive Butter for each serving.

After about 30 seconds, it will look much better as the butter melts:

It's been a few months since we dined at Rosemary's, but it seemed like the flavors were really close and the richness of the soup and butter was extracted fully. The chives were a nice touch, and we made some biscuits to go with our servings, too. Using half-and-half instead of heavy whipping cream didn't really affect the dish since it seemed to be such a close replication of Rosemary's great soup.

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Cookie said...

This corn soup looks amazing and I can imagine that chive butter would be good slathered onto some good crusty toast!