Friday, September 25, 2009

Homemade Chili Frito Burritos

The first time we visited a Sonic Drive-In restaurant, we were in Vegas. (We don't indulge in fast food a lot, but there are a few that we frequent when we get the craving.) Well, after that visit in Vegas, Sonic become one of them.

Thankfully, in the past couple of years, a few Sonic restaurants have been announced for the Milwaukee area. And now that we've visited one near where we live, we seemed to have fallen into a pattern of ordering from the dollar menu.

On their dollar menu is a Jr. Frito Chili Cheese Wrap, which is, well, awesome. Both of us have had something similar when we were kids: Chili and cheese combined with Fritos in some manner.

And like we have done before with Homemade Crunch-Wrap Supreme, we decided to re-create our own version at home.

First, obviously, you have to make the chili. We made ours with ground sirloin, onions, celery, red kidney beans, black beans, tons of tomatoes and lots and lots of herbs and spices.

From there, it's all about assembly. Melissa declined to indulge in the burrito form of the dish, so instead she layers some chili, sharp cheddar cheese, fresh onions and Fritos.

But the purists can prepare by heating up a flour tortilla for about 10 seconds. Then spoon some sour cream on as well as the chili, sharp cheddar cheese, fresh onions and Fritos.

Deliciousness. This is one of those meals that you don't want to prepare too often, but is great when you do decide to feast upon it.

The chili had a great finish; there wasn't a bite at the beginning of the mouthful, but there was at the end. It's perfect that way. The Fritos provided that lovely crunch and the sour cream and cheese helped to hold down the heat.


Unknown said...

I still have chili left over, so I'll have to try this, it looks great!

Food Genius said...

I love that at Sonic and the breakfast toaster. I'm afraid there's no way to make that any healthier though!

Lo said...

OK -- I'm totally drooling over this one. Fritos are a true guilty pleasure... and fritos in a burrito? Well, that rhymes and everything! :)

Dan said...

Yeah, and I have to say, some of my favorite dishes we create are mimicked ones from fast food or other non-sit down restaurants.