Monday, January 25, 2010

Chicken Tortilla Pie

We were a bit bored and cooped up this weekend, so we took an impromptu trip to the library. There, Melissa found some cookbooks to peruse. In one, "Cooking Light Fresh Food Fast," she found several recipes to try. Tonight we did just that with the (savory) Chicken Tortilla Pie.

Basically, we made a fresh tomato salsa and piled that, chicken, spicy black bean dip and shredded monterey jack cheese in four layers, each the same. Then we baked it in a spring-form pan and served with sour cream (not pictured). The spicy black bean dip and jalapeno definitely brought the mouth pain, but it was good, especially when subdued by the sour cream. This was an instant hit in our home.


Robin Sue said...

Looks like a keeper. I love recipes like this, they are almost not recipes at all.

Lo said...

Where did you find tomatoes worthy of salsa?? Do tell!

That pie looks amazing -- and I love the fact that it could be tweaked in so many different ways. The chile head in me is loving the zip of the black bean dip.

Otehlia said...

Yum! I was totally on an enchilada kick today. Well, at least I have the chicken cooked.

Dan said...

Thanks all.

Lo: They were just from the grocery store. We always buy Romas when we go that route, because they taste and look the best. And I think the Romas are grown in California.