Monday, April 26, 2010

Our First Garden, Update 4

Yeah, it's just a slab of ground now. But in a few short weeks (if not sooner), this patch of newly tilled yard will be the home of Our First Garden.

But as you can see, it still needs a lot more work. Since this picture was taken over the weekend, Melissa has raked the tilled dirt and planted three rows of lettuce seeds. She left space around the edge where we plan to plant some of our hot pepper seedlings that we have published about earlier (they were some of the seeds we started inside).

We also have some fencing to purchase or build, as our neighborhood has a fair amount of rabbits, squirrels and other garden-hating varmints. Assuming the weather doesn't rain us out, that will be our weekend project.

P.S. I apparently had a touchy publish post trigger finger today. Sorry if your RSS feed was saturated with two A Duo of Chefs posts. I assure you, there was only one today.

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