Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Our First Garden, Update 7 (RIP Edition)

This past weekend, we introduced several new plants to our garden, which before had just featured lettuce and mesclun. Most of them were introduced to us via the West Allis Farmers Market, but the hot peppers we started from seedlings. We have tomatoes in the back, green peppers, poblanos, cucumbers and more.

Unfortunately, some of our seedlings suffered during the warm weather this weekend, and it's fair to say a lot of them won't make it. At least our lettuce seedlings are thriving -- it's almost time to harvest them.


Lo said...

So sad for the seedlings! I do hope you have plenty that survived the trauma (and will grow up stronger and healthier for it).

We've been hardening our plants off in the backyard for the last couple of weeks and we hope to get to our planting on Friday!

Anonymous said...

Poor things. Some friends had their plants suffer over the weekend as well. Luckily your others are still going strong!

We harvested some lettuce and baby spinach last week, amazing!

Robin Sue said...

I had trouble with my seedlings too. Until I did this and it helped in keeping them moist.


Just be sure to pull the bottle off before the seedling grows right through the top and makes it so the bottle has to stay forever- trust me!!