Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Black Bean Nacho Pizza

Every weekend we make our homemade pizza (we have since stopped using Canadian bacon on it, and it's still delicious). Melissa found a recipe from Eating Well recently that sounded equally as delicious -- after all, for Southwest food lovers, the ingredients in the Black Bean Nacho Pizza are right up our alley.

We were going to follow the recipe, but we ended up having to make it in the oven (I can't remember if we were just too lazy or if it was raining outside at the time, but it was probably a combination of them both).

We also opted to dine on our normal dough, instead of the one in the recipe. Regardless, the pizza was delicious. The creamy black beans and crunch from green onions along with the flavorful red peppers and Monterey jack proved to be an enticing combination.

It looked just as delicious close up:

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G said...

That looks outstanding! I NEED to have it NOW! :) Thanks for this- I am definitely going to make it!