Sunday, June 20, 2010

BLT Bread Salad

The search for quick and easy mid-week meals never stops. And our supply of garden-grown lettuce is the same way -- at least it seems so.

Convergence occurred in the A Duo of Chefs household when the June 2010 Cooking Light magazine showed up. Inside was a great and easy recipe for BLT Bread Salad.

To prepare the salad, cut a loaf of bread into cubes and bake for about 18 minutes in a 350 degree oven. Meanwhile, take some of Wisconsin's own Nueske's bacon and cook it on the stove.

This recipe sounds delicious already, right?

The rest is super easy. Take bacon out and stir in oil, red wine vinegar, black pepper and salt -- the dressing is done.

Then combine lettuce, wedges of tomatoes, green onions, feta and crumbled bacon. Coat with dressing, then toss and serve.

Using some of that bacon fat as the dressing? Genius. The flavors are so incredibly awesome -- smoky, tart, rich. And yes, it does taste like a deconstructed BLT sandwich. Yeah, it was a good night.

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