Friday, August 27, 2010

Our First Garden, Update 11

It's nearly the end of our season and our garden has been decreasing its output lately. The star of our garden this year was undoubtedly our zucchini plant, which produced tons of zucchini -- a lot of the monster variety because we often neglected to look low enough to find them. What's left in our fridge:

Also, our cucumber plant produced a lot, and we used nearly all of those after being cut up and eaten with homemade veggie dip.

Our tomatoes have been the biggest disappointment. We had eight plants: two heirloom Brandywines, two cherries, a Big Boy, a Pink Lady, a Roma and one other slicing tomato. But only the Brandywines and cherries have been a success.

The Romas have been making a comeback, but even some of them, plus all of the other tomato plants, contracted a disease some time this summer. Nearly all of the Big Boys, Pink Ladies and the other tomato have been unusable.

Other than that, we got a few green peppers (some more ready to be picked soon), a couple of poblanos (I was disappointed and was hoping more would come so I could make stuffed poblanos), tons of basil and parsley, some cilantro, three great rows of lettuce, a couple of jalapenos, and some other herbs. It seems like a lot when listed like that, but seeing how much of our garden was taken up with those now-diseased tomato plants makes us a bit unhappy. 

Still, to be sure, this was our first garden, and we are expanding it next year. We'll also set it up differently, making sure we have a bit more room between plants.

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