Monday, September 20, 2010

Italian Caprese Panini

Welcome to everyone who found us through Foodie Blogroll. Don't worry, we're still updating; we had some family health concerns (a sprained ankle) that minimized the amount of time we could spend updating this blog.

But now that full health is around the bend, we're back to the foodie grind, so to speak.

During some of our recent down time, we were making simple meals since there was just one of us in the kitchen and a puppy still in need of attention.

We recreated this classic, Italian Caprese Panini, at home. We used some great crusty bread and some wonderful mozzarella cheese produced in the Chicago area. In addition, we used some of the few Roma tomatoes that we had growing in our garden.

Our garden was also the source of the other component, basil. Our basil is one of our plants that has been producing non-stop as of late.

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