Sunday, September 5, 2010

Natural Ovens Bakery winners

Who doesn't enjoy free food, especially when it's produced in Wisconsin? That's why we held a Natural Ovens Bakery coupon contest, with the winners getting a coupon for a free bread, bagel or cookie from the company.

We had quite a few coupons to give away, and we're happy to announce that most everyone who entered will be able to try one of the company's products. 

We tried the Organic Whole Grain and Flax Bread recently when we needed some quick meals, so we made sandwiches for lunch nearly all week. The bread was great and quite filling. The loaf was extra wide, too, which allowed us to have half-sandwiches.

We hope the following people enjoy their Natural Ovens Bakery products (and be sure to come back to this post and tell us what you got and how it was): Neil, Alison, Amy, Tiners17, Brian, Kayla and Bjschweiger.

We'll be in contact with you all soon!

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