Monday, February 28, 2011

Skillet Shepherd's Pie

Last year we had a fabulous time on the Milwaukee Food Tours' Brady Street tour. On our tour, one of our stops was at Brocach Irish Pub. We tasted a sample of their Shepherd's Pie. It was amazing, and ever since, I've wanted to make shepherd's pie at home.

We finally got around to doing so recently after we bought "America's Test Kitchen Healthy Family Cookbook."

This six-serving recipe was pretty simple, and I love that they created the recipe as a one-skillet meal, minimizing clean up. The potato topping was creamy, and the filling had a great richness, in part because of the beer added (no worries, it's just 3/4 cup).

While this skillet recipe was great, it was no match for Brocach's offering. But America's Test Kitchen's recipe is still worth checking out.

(Recipe not provided because America's Test Kitchen is a pay service.)

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