Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Our New Puppy, Westie Redux

You might have noticed that Melissa and I have been lax on blog posting lately. That's because we added one more to our family earlier this month.

And now, I present Ollie, our newest Westie puppy:

Isn't he heart-meltingly adorable? Yes, yes he is. But he's not without his fair share of puppy headaches, many of which we thankfully averted with Dezzy, our first Westie. So not only is it Round 2 of puppy training for us, it's also adapting to behavior that we didn't see the first time around. But we love it.

And this puppy post would not be complete if we didn't offer a photo of our two puppies, Dezzy and Ollie, together:

(Yes, this does mean we'll be updating our family picture soon, hopefully.)

While you wait for regular posts, you should head over to the A Duo of Chefs Facebook fan page, where we've been chatting it up and getting some non-blogging updates in. We hope to blog again soon! :)

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