Friday, October 28, 2011

Black Bean Burgers with Frickles

A few weeks ago, we made some frickles (fried pickles if you've never heard of the term) with some of our canned pickles.

As we were sitting around last weekend planning our meals, Melissa said that she would love to have frickles again. Even though the previous week we had had Black Bean Burgers with Tangy Citrus Mayo, I suggested we have it again, only this time topped with the frickles.

We started by frying the pickles, which were hamburger dills, in canola oil. They were dipped in buttermilk, flour, cornmeal and then into the oil. We didn't season them because they already had a strong flavor that we wanted to feature.

Frickles: There's a place for these in any home.

With the frickled burgers, we had a side of fries and Melissa whipped up some quick garlic aioli and curry ketchup. Both were good, but the garlic aioli was addicting -- they were made after having the same fry dips at Cafe Hollander.

A frickled black bean burger. The tangy mayo is oozing out from the bottom.

The burgers were delicious. The black bean burgers were the best we've made in terms of binding -- they did not fall apart -- and the tangy mayo and salty frickles added depth of flavors.

I love it when a meal plan comes together.

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