Friday, December 16, 2011

Wisconsin Jam Thumbprint Cookies

Wisconsin strawberry jam thumbprint cookies
December is a time for many things: Family, friends and marathon baking.

And it's the cycle of marathon baking that we've been enduring during the past few weeks. We sat down during our Thanksgiving weekend and planned out our baking schedule, both what we were baking and when we were baking it.

For the past few years, Melissa and I have struck out on our own and baked. This year we tweaked the lineup of cookies we would bake.

One thing we wanted to do was incorporate our homemade Wisconsin jam from our first year of canning. 

Melissa found a Butter and Jam Thumbprint Cookies recipe on Food Network that we used and included our homemade Wisconsin strawberry and Wisconsin tart cherry jams.

We made several batches of each jam and, interestingly, we both thought the strawberry one was better. A waft of fresh strawberries hits you when you open up the cookie tin. For a moment, you're back squatting in between rows of freshly ripened strawberries, picking boxes full in the early morning June sun.

The tart cherry ones were disappointing, at a minimum. When you bite into one, you still get a rush of cherry, but it's lacking its tartness. It's unfortunate, really.

The best thing about this recipe? Finding the sweet spot where you push down just right on the thumbprint, keeping all the jam from overflowing during baking time. (The upside is you get a lot of "tester" cookies.)

Yeah, we'll take that.

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