Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Chicken Caesar Sandwiches

Chicken: It's been what's for dinner for quite a few meals for us recently. Part of that is that we had some frozen chicken breasts sitting in our chest freezer for quite some time.

And we're as much of fans of Caesar salads as Annie is. That's why we had to try out her Chicken Caesar Sandwiches recipe.

We opted for ciabatta rolls to make the meal a bit smaller, but even so it was filling. You can stuff a lot of chicken onto that roll, folks. We also simplified it -- we wanted to save on time and money -- so we left out the anchovy paste and parsley. Still, the flavors combined wonderfully, with the creaminess of the dijon and mayo playing against the smokiness of the bacon. Delicious.

One more thing: We didn't toast our rolls, but I'd say it is imperative if yours are as chewy as ours were. It's a bit easier to bite into when it's toasted.

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