Monday, June 3, 2013

Our Garden 2013

ZucchiniSweet Million TomatoSuper Marzano TomatoSunsugar TomatoSungold Tomato Pineapple Sage
Lime Basil
JalapenoGolden Jubilee TomatoFlat-Leaf ParsleyDiva CucumberDill
CilantroBurpless CucumberBroccoliBetter Boy TomatoBasil

Garden 2013, a set on Flickr.
The calendar had flipped to June by the time our garden saw roots digging into it. But that's fine with us.

We had our plants sitting about on our porch for a week because we just ran out of time Memorial Day weekend to plant. And the weeknights played along just as poorly for us. Alas.

Regardless, here's our garden for 2013.

Our garden in 2013. I plan to update this every couple of weeks.

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