Saturday, June 6, 2009

Angel Hair Pasta with Plum Tomatoes and Fresh Basil

Another day, another recipe. So we dipped into the packet of recipes my mom gave us to try a Weight Watchers one: Angel Hair Pasta with Plum Tomatoes and Fresh Basil. And it's hardly a kitchen burden to produce.

First peel the skins from the tomatoes. We did so by giving a quick bath in boiling water and then peeling and chopping.

Then, while the pasta is cooking (we used spaghetti; we thought we had angel hair in house, but when we went to make it, we did not), saute garlic and tomatoes in some oil until tomatoes are slightly softened.

Then add the basil, salt and pepper and cook a few more minutes until tomatoes have softened more. Then pour over the pasta and coat with balsamic vinegar.

Don't forget to top with some Parmesan (freshly grated, of course).

These were classic Italian flavors, and being able to taste the fresh basil was nice, but the dish certainly could have done with another spice or two. Not too much, but enough to provide another flavor. This easy recipe will definitely be revisited.

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Anonymous said...

That looks so simple and delicious!