Monday, June 8, 2009

Rochester Deli Gazpacho

One great thing about our relationship is that we have a lot in common, especially when it comes to food. Almost universally do we like the same restaurants, and that includes one in downtown Waukesha, Rochester Deli.

I really enjoy the fish fry there, and others say the signature dish is delicious. Melissa would highly recommend the Devonshire Panini, which has ham, tomato, asparagus and cheddar.

But one dish we both like is the deli's Gazpacho soup. And since it is served cold, it's literally as easy as chopping up ingredients and throwing them together in a pot. Just make sure that you pare down the recipe to suit your needs; the recipe on the deli's site makes a lot.

Simply combine tomato juice, cucumbers, green onions, green pepper, poblano peppers, tomatoes, cilantro, celery, onion powder, garlic powder, salt, olive oil, salad oil, Tabasco sauce, black pepper, Worcestershire sauce, cider vinegar, sugar, dill and cumin.

We halved the recipe and we had to use our 8-quart stockpot to hold the soup; our bowls were not large enough. It definitely helps if you let the gazpacho sit for a few hours before you dig in, giving the flavors time to mingle.

A big bowl of this will go a long way to fulfilling your vegetable requirements for the day. And a big bowl goes along great with some nice crusty bread; we prefer La Brea.

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Amanda Roo said...

I've never heard of this soup until recently. I'm curious to try it out but i'd have to make it small. The hubbs dislikes everything about this dish lol

BTW, I awarded you with the Lovely Blog Award. Check it out here