Monday, September 27, 2010

Our First Garden, Update 12

Our garden is nearly dead, although we are now planning to harvest and dry the rest of our basil and parsley and dehydrate them in a dehydrator we received from my sister.

In addition, yesterday I harvested the coriander seeds from our cilantro plant. We'll probably save some for next year, but grind the rest up to use in cooking or other culinary applications (tea, maybe?).

And we still have a few things growing in our garden. Our green pepper plant has a few baby buds on it, and our poblano plant might have another one or two left in its life. But we'll see.

But we realized just recently that we did have a pest that affected our garden and really hampered it and our harvest. We were not able to tend to our garden as much when it came into our lives.

OK, so he's not a pest. But because of the timing of getting Dezzy, our Westie pup, we didn't have as much time to devote daily to keeping up our garden. Cherry tomatoes went unharvested and then became inedible. Our zucchini and cucumber plants died quickly without daily watering. (They were also nearing the end of their production, so they might not have had much left to give anyway.)

Still, the potential of our first garden got away from us. But we still had a good harvest, which included tons of lettuce, way so long ago.

And we're looking forward to next year, when we'll expand slightly, weed and rototill better initially, and lay down hay right away.

But we like what we got in return for the decline of our first garden.

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