Monday, October 4, 2010

Pork Egg Rolls -- And a Kitchen Fire

We blogged recently about how we bought a new wok this summer.

We wanted to try a couple of things: egg rolls and crab rangoon. We ended up turning to Martha Stewart for her Pork Egg Rolls recipe.

The recipe ended turning out very well: It was tasty, meaty, crunchy (at least when it was fresh) and flavorful.

After the egg rolls were fried off, we turned our attention to the crab rangoon that we were planning. We had made the filling and filled the wantons.

As we were frying off the first couple of crab rangoon, one split and it started spewing some of the hot oil onto our glass stovetop. Flames lifted from the stovetop and we acted quickly to get the remaining crab rangoon out of the oil and get the wok off from over the heat. The flames died down from there.

As always, this is a cautionary tale. We didn't have our fire extinguisher out, but it was in a nearby cupboard that we could have gotten to quickly. Remember that you should have an extinguisher in your house (it's not applicable for only cooking) and that it should be stored in an easily accessible place.

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