Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hawaiian and Southwest Pulled Pork Sandwiches

An interesting thing happened to us on our way to meal planning recently.

We went to Pinterest to find some ideas and, in consultation with store sales, we opted for a pork shoulder recipe. I found Hawaiian Pulled Pork Sandwiches and knew that was the one. When I clicked through the link, I found it was from Dax, a fellow Wisconsin blogger over at Simple Comfort Food. (If you haven't visited his blog, do so today.)

Our version differed from Dax's in a few ways: We left out the habanero pepper, and instead of the jalapeno pepper, we used our pickled jalapenos. Our pickled jalapenos still had seeds in them, and since we didn't want our pork to be too spicy, we used a little bit less than Dax did.

When I tasted the meat alone, it was a bit heavy on the ginger. But when I had it as a sandwich, that was muted a bit, and a full bite was much better and the depth of flavors was much more apparent. I think my pallette is just sensitive to ginger.

We kicked up our sandwiches by adding some leftover queso fresco and some of our homemade canned bread and butter pickles. It was a mixture of tangy and spicy pork, creamy cheese and sweet and sour notes from the pickles.

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