Wednesday, February 22, 2012

French Fry and Garlic Mayo Loaded Hot Dog

We've had the privilege to meet Nick from Dude Foods, who writes about "shock food" and other crazy, dude-centric food.

So I must have been channeling some of his creativity when I decided to throw a bunch of stuff on my hot dog.

We planned to make a small batch of chili and use that to make chili dogs. That's what Melissa did. Me, I went a different route.

We had some fries made as a side and Melissa whipped up a quick batch of garlic mayo as dip for those fries. (It's a great dip, and we've been eating it a lot on various other foods, too.)

The hot dog (we used an all-beef frank) was excellent, as usual, and the mayo and fries added a creaminess and crunch I don't usually have in a hot dog. But I put a bit too much mayo on the hot dog, crowding out some of the potato flavor.

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