Monday, August 13, 2012

Wisconsin State Fair eats 2012, part 2

It's a good thing the Wisconsin State Fair lasts only 11 days, or we might never have any other Saturday plans.

We spent a bit more time there this past weekend, eating our way through as much as we could. Here are our eats, captured by Instagram.

Breakfast at #wistatefair: Grilled cheese + Robinade.

We started our morning off with an unconventional breakfast. Incorporating Wisconsin cheddar is always a good way, though, and topping it off with Robinade is magnificent.

Deep fried bacon wrapped tater tots on a stick. #wistatefair

One thing the fair is known for is food on a stick.

We ventured into this category of food this year with the new deep-fried, bacon-wrapped tater tots. They weren't spectacular, but they were good, and they're certainly a good idea for football season snacks.

Deep fried @nueskes bacon wrapped cheddar hot dog on a stick. #wistatefair

One on-a-stick food that we stumbled across was this deep-fried, Nueske's-wrapped cheddar hot dog on a stick.

I thought this was very good as the bacon's crunch gave this a mix of textures. (And the Nueske's bacon was the star of it, anyway.) The cheddar inside the hot dog could have been punched up more, too.

Wisconsin mac burger (mac bites on a burger). #wistatefair

We could not pass up this Wisconsin Mac Burger. We probably should have.

The idea is great -- a cheeseburger with deep-fried mac and cheese bites on top. It was the execution that failed this entree. As you can see, the cheese did not melt much, and the burger was rife with beer flavor, almost too much so.

Once we got more complete bites with the mac and cheese, however, it was balanced out well in flavors.

Root beer sorbet. #wistatefair

Root beer sorbet. Sounds delicious, right? It was, Melissa says. Just the perfect flavor of root beer to enjoy on a nice, sunny day. That's what summer, and the Wisconsin State Fair, is for.

A couple of fails on our part: Melissa again bought the root beer cookie on a stick and we forgot to photograph it, and I didn't get a chance to try the red velvet funnel cake with cream cheese drizzle.

Which of these foods would you most like to try?

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