Monday, August 6, 2012

Wisconsin State Fair eats 2012

August is one of our favorite times of the year. Weeks of work tilling the land, planting seeds inside it and carefully nurturing it begins to yield fruits, vegetables, herbs and more.

But it's also one of our favorite times because it's time for the Wisconsin State Fair. Here's our travelogue of eats through the fair, 2012 edition.

Ham and cheese omelette. #wistatefair

One of our yearly traditions to the fair includes going early in the morning and heading straight to the Wisconsin Products Pavilion. There we grab an omelette -- Melissa's was the works with ham, cheese, onions and mushrooms, while mine had all but mushrooms -- from the Wisconsin Poultry and Egg Industries and wash it down with milk.

This year that included flavored milk -- strawberry, cherry vanilla, chocolate and root beer. My favorite was cherry vanilla, but Melissa loves the root beer.

Pork donut. (Bismark filled with BBQ pork.) #wistatefair

Another fair tradition for us is trying the new foods. A few years ago, that meant the Krispy Kreme Cheeseburger. Last year it was the Chocolate-Covered Cranberries from the Wisconsin Cranberry Growers Association.

This year it was the Pork Donut, with a heaping handful of BBQ pork stuffed inside a bismark donut. I enjoyed it, but the balance of flavors was a bit disappointing. It was heavily pork at the beginning, but dominated by sugared donut at the end.

But in the middle, when there was just enough pork complemented by the sugary sweetness of the donut, it was a slice of fair heaven.

Brew Tons on a stick. (Filled with chicken, red peppers, jalapenos, jack and cream cheeses.) #wistatefair

Another new food we tried was the Brew Tons on a stick. (Food on a stick is a popular theme at the fair.)

The wontons were filled with chicken, red peppers, jalapenos, jack and cream cheeses. It was a bit disappointing that only two came to an order, but they were delicious.

We had some other foods, too, but forgot to photograph them.

What did you try at the Wisconsin State Fair (or your state fair for non-Wisconsinites)?

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